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CH. BlackGranite Molly Monteverdi 

Very fast and agile, out-runs everyone. Slips past unseen when the door opens just a crack, has a really expressive vocal range delivering much commentary on day to day happenings. Bold and fearless, Molly the mighty huntress (watch out rats!!)……rarely loses a tug-of-war no matter who the opponent is.

As Molly has matured there are definitely times that one could say she is on the spectrum. In many delightful ways she tells us what she considers is rightfully hers. She believes she is the medicine dog -that it is her duty to sit quietly with a family members when they are not well and as far as she is concerend no-one else is allowed. If anyone treis she is extremely expressive and vocal in her communications. 

Daughter of

Allobek Good To Be Me and Surana Exclusive Design.

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