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Maddy's nickname is 10 dogs because she has so much energy! She is extremely agile and fast - and can often be spotted walking on two legs or jumping very high. She is fiercely loyal to her people and loves affectionate cuddles - her favourite spot is to sit just under your chin like a scarf. As the eldest, Maddy always looks out for her younger siblings...just so long as she's top dog!

Maddy has produced some beautiful pups that have found excellent homes. Three of her daughters sold on main register have gone on to get their Australian champion titles.

  • CH. BlackGranite Gretel dela Barre

  • CH. BlackGranite Molly Montevedi

  • CH. BlackGranite Roxy Monteverdi

​Maddy missed out on being a show girl as she arrived during covid but she is certainly a showy girl!

Daughter of

Allobek Astraea  and Adawar Carnival Act

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