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BlackGranite Miniature Pinschers

About Us

We are a registered stud, breeding for the love of Miniature Pinschers. These dogs make wonderful companions; high energy but self-exercising, very loyal and loving to their family, easy to look after and simply beautiful.

Our dogs are part of the family - the wee folk as we like to call them. We are based in rural NSW (near Armidale) where the dogs have free access to several acres of garden  - multitudes of fascinating smells and things to do, whilst being kept safe in a securely fenced area. The Min Pins eagerly take part in any trip to other parts of the property, and love nothing better than helping their humans with whatever jobs come up.


Our  Minpins currently represent most of the main colour varieties (black and tan, chocolate and tan, red) and are actively involved in the North and North-West dog show circuit.  

Miniature Pinscher Dogs NSW. 

Membership number: 2100067292

Please contact Dogs NSW at to verify membership.

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